About artist Alisa Sokolov

Artist Alisa Sokolov

Israeli-based international artist known for creating thought-provoking art that celebrates the diversity and beauty of femininity while protesting gender oppression, and challenging societal norms. 

Alisa Sokolov was born and raised in Odintsovo, Russia. She grew up attending art school and experiencing the difficulties of post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s. Alisa Sokolov later became a cadet at the Russian Police Academy and studied law at Moscow State University. At the young age of 23, she founded a successful B2B consulting company and also pursued a career as a makeup artist for 15 years.

Alisa Sokolov's art education at the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Theater and Art College #60 Moscow, combined with her rich life experience, has influenced her artistic style and technique. Her artworks have been exhibited in the UK, Russia, Israel, and the USA.

For her recent project "Vulva Throne" Alisa Sokolov focuses on creating sculptures of vulvas, and makes them from fabric in 12 different colors. These soft sculptures represent women from all over the world and are installed on a wooden base from an antique chair throne. The Vulva Throne brings to light discussions about women's roles in the modern world and the objectification of women. The clitoris made of natural freshwater pearls emphasizes that every vulva and every woman is unique and beautiful.

Alisa Sokolov is a global nomad, presenting her art in different countries, and considers herself a citizen of Planet Earth. The Vulva Throne was premiered at the Haifa Theater in Israel in July 2022 and later installed as an interactive Playa art installation for Burning Man in Nevada in August–September 2022. It was exhibited in a number of art galleries in the Las Vegas Arts District in October 2022-March 2023. The images of the Vulva Throne and related art objects were printed on billboards for Pop Art Train and shown on HD screens at the gallery in Wynwood during Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2022.