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Alisa Sokolov

Vulvas of Colors #6

Vulvas of Colors #6

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"Vulvas of Colors" art piece by renowned artist Alisa Sokolov. This captivating artwork features six exquisitely crafted soft sculptures, each in the shape of a vulva, crafted from a diverse fabric palette of twelve vibrant colors. The intricate detailing of the sculptures is enhanced by the use of natural freshwater pearls as clitoral accents, adding a touch of elegance and symbolism.

The art piece is tastefully framed within a striking, solid black shadow box, which serves as a powerful representation of the social restrictions and gender role demands placed upon women. This juxtaposition creates a thought-provoking visual statement that challenges societal norms and sparks conversations surrounding individuality and freedom of expression.

With its ready-to-hang design, the "Vulvas of Colors" art piece can effortlessly enhance any space, whether it be a gallery, office, or personal collection. Immerse yourself in the artist's profound exploration of diversity and empowerment, and add a touch of sophistication and depth to your art collection with this extraordinary masterpiece.
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